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mBitCasino mBitCasino offers many different roulette games. Unfortunately, some require the input of personal information.
BitDouble Provable fair multiplayer Bitcoin roulette game simulation.
Bitcasino Largest roulette selection of all Bitcoin casinos. All roulette variants presented here can also be found there.
Crypto Games Anonymous Bitcoin roulette website that provides provably fair games and live statistics.
bitStarz bitStarz offers a great cryptocurrency live casino with roulette games in different variants.
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Play Roulette with Bitcoin

Roulette is a gambling game that has been popular throughout the world for centuries. In today's modern times, the game is still very popular and fortunately it can also be played with bitcoins. Before you choose a roulette game, you should know about the different roulette variants, because the fees or the house edge differ in some cases considerably.

European Roulette and French Roulette

The European variants are the most popular because the payout ratio is best here. The European roulette wheel has 36 numbers plus a zero and the house edge is 2.7%. There is no difference between French and European roulette in terms of gameplay. The only notable difference is that French roulette is labeled with French terms.

European Bitcoin Live Roulette

In live roulette, the roulette wheel is served by a real roulette dealer as in the normal offline casino. The fees here are 2.7% as in the real casino. European roulette is offered in almost every Bitcoin live casino. Just pick a casino from the list.

Live Roulette
Live Roulette on Bitcasino (Link). Minimum Bitcoin bet is 0.20 mBTC. Enlarge Picture

American Roulette

In contrast to the European style roulette, American roulette has a much lower payout. In addition to the single zero, the American roulette wheel has a double zero. Due to the double zero, the house edge (5,26%) is much higher than the European roulette house edge (2,7%). Therefore, the American variant is not as common as the European one. Nevertheless, this variant is still offered and played, even with bitcoins. However, I recommend the European version due to the lower fees.

Roulette Variants

Roulette Variations and Roulette-Like Games

In addition to the traditional variants of the roulette game described above, there are also modern action-packed roulette variants. I would like to introduce two particularly popular variants here: Lightning Roulette and Dream Catcher.

Play Lightning Roulette with Bitcoin

Evolution Gaming's Lightning Roulette adds a few rules changes to increase the excitement and fun compared to classic roulette games.

Bitcoin Lightning Roulette Numbers
Lightning Roulette: Drawing of the lucky numbers. In this case, four numbers are drawn. Enlarge Picture

At the beginning of each round, one to five lucky numbers will be drawn, increasing payouts significantly (to between 50x and 500x). All other numbers pay only 30x, in contrast to the 35x for normal roulette.

Lightning Roulette Bitcoin
Bitcoin Lightning Roulette on Bitcasino. Enlarge Picture

A Bitcoin version of Lightning Roulette is also available on Bitcasino. The minimum bet is very low here at 0.04 mBTC, so you can easily play with small bets.

Play Dream Catcher with Bitcoin

Live Dream Catcher is a relatively new roulette-related game. It offers a much higher volatility and therefore more excitement than classic roulette, at least that's what many players think.

Dream Catcher Bitcoin Full
Bitcoin version of Dream Catcher on Bitcasino. Enlarge Picture

At the beginning of each round you can bet any amount on one or more numbers. The numbers appear in a different frequency on the money wheel and have correspondingly different payout rates. The 40, for example, only exists once on the wheel and the payout is 40 times the bet.

Dream Catcher Bitcoin Multiplier
Dream Catcher: The wheel lands on the 7x multiplier. Enlarge Picture

The special attraction of the game lies in the multipliers "2x" and "7x". These can occur several times in a row and multiply the total profit several times. For example, if the wheel stops at "7x" two times in a row, the next round's win is multiplied by 49.

The roulette-like game Dream Catcher is offered in many different online casinos and can also be played with Bitcoin bets, for example on Bitcasino. On this site, the minimum bet is 0.02 mBTC, the maximum bet 200 mBTC. The site is therefore suitable for both small and large bets.

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