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FaucetPay Many faucet providers have moved their service to this site after the end of FaucetHub. Besides the microwallet there are very good earning opportunities such as several Offerwall providers and paid to click (PTC).
Fire Faucet Faucet with free cryptocurrency every 30 minutes. Earn several cryptocurrencies with paid to click (PTC), Offerwalls, Shortlinks, various tasks and surveys. You can level up to receive bonuses and increase earnings.
DutchyCorp AutoFaucet This site provides a lot of earning options and there are about 50 different coins available. DutchyCorp Final AutoFaucet supports direct wallet payouts as well as payments to FaucetPay.
AutoFaucet.org Earn various cryptocurrencies with mining, Shortlinks and Offerwalls.
Cointiply Bitcoin earning site where you can claim free coins every hour and complete various offers.
FreeBitcoin Bitcoin faucet site where no annoying captchas or Shortlinks need to be solved in order to claim.

What happened to FaucetHub?

As you can read in this official FaucetHub post (JPG image), the popular microwallet site FaucetHub.io will sadly be discontinued. We have taken a screenshot of the original announcement as it is no longer available on the FaucetHub website. None of the currently available alternatives can completely replace FaucetHub, but some websites are on the right track. Here is a list of the best FaucetHub alternatives and microwallet sites currently available. What's missing on all websites is the great community that defined FaucetHub.

What is a Microwallet?

Cryptocurrency faucets are websites that usually distribute a portion of their advertising revenue as micropayments to their users. In the early days of cryptocurrencies, these extremely small payments have led to a massive increase in Bitcoin transactions and, ultimately, to an increase in transaction costs. Thus, these extremely small payments became impossible.

A so-called crypto microwallet solves this problem. Faucet payments are first collected on the microwallet site and can be withdrawn from there.

Faucet FaucetHub Faucets

FaucetHub Faucets and related Websites

Allcoins.pw Review: Legit or Scam?

To first answer the question directly whether Allcoins.pw is scam: No, the site is 100% legit. But there are reports of users who have been banned from the site. Users can be banned, e.g. if they use multiple accounts. The Offerwall networks can also ban users and unfortunately mistakes can happen as well. Since Allcoins.pw has a very low payout minimum (for example, 0.00000002 BTC), it is one of the best sites for quickly earning cryptocurrency.

The site provides an easy to claim faucet for all cryptocurrencies that are supported by FaucetHub and it supports additional cryptos such as PivX, Stratis, ReddCoin and GameCredits. There is also a pay-to-click area where you will be paid for clicking ads and a mining area.

There is also a large offerwall section with many ways to earn cryptocurrency. You can participate in surveys and raffles, install mobile apps or simply watch videos to get free crypto. Currently, Allcoins.pw supports AdgateMedia, AdscendMedia, OfferToro, PTCWall, OfferDaddy and KiwiWall.

In the games section, there are crypto games such as a FreeRoll game, Dice and Lottery. The site offers an internal crypto exchange so that you can exchange all earnings in the desired currency. You can withdraw your earnings to your FaucetHub account (fee 1.5%) or to a regular wallet.

Cointiply Review: Legit or Scam?

The Cointiply website offers a thrilling Bitcoin faucet with high potential winnings. In addition, Cointiply offers an even greater selection of earning opportunities than Allcoins.pw. For example, bitcoins can also be earned when playing online games. However, Cointiply has the disadvantage compared to Allcoins.pw that initially 35,000 coins (equivalent to $3.50) must be accumulated in order to pay off. I have already received some payouts and can therefore confirm that the site is paying reliably.

Recommended independent Faucets

FreeBitco.in pays very high amounts of Bitcoin compared to other faucets. With a little bit of luck you can win bitcoins worth up to $200 every hour. You will also get free lottery tickets for the weekly Bitcoin lottery for each faucet claim. The site is completely ad-free, which is exceptional for faucet sites. Besides, you do not have to solve annoying captchas when claiming. That makes FreeBitco.in the best faucet ever. That is why it is mentioned here, although there is no direct connection to FaucetHub.

Level Up Level Up fast on FaucetHub

Level up fast on FaucetHub

In addition to the reputation in the community, a high user level also had some practical advantages. For example, earnings from mining and referrals increased with a higher user level. In addition, there were games that could be played with higher stakes. You received EXP for faucet claims (3 EXP per claim), purchased lottery tickets (1 EXP for 10 tickets bought), offerwall actions (1-20 EXP) and mining.

Autofaucet List

The easiest way to quickly level up on FaucetHub was to use so-called autofaucets. Unlike normal faucets, the claimed coins were not sent at once, but in several small transfers. Each of these automatic claims increased your FaucetHub experience points (EXP) by three, although only one claim was needed at the beginning. Since FaucetHub was discontinued in late 2019, we can't provide a FaucetHub autofaucet list anymore. We are currently looking for suitable alternatives.

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