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HTML5 Roulette Frequently Asked Questions

HTML5 Roulette FAQ

How can I embed the roulette widget into my website?

You can simply copy and paste the HTML code below into your own website. For the code to work, CSS and Javascript must be functional on your website. With some free website builders Javascript elements are not usable.

How does the roulette game work?

To start the roulette wheel, simply click on the "Spin" button. The game consists of HTML5, CSS and Javascript code. The HTML code below starts with the CSS part that is located inside the <style> tags. Here the appearance and partly the behaviour of elements contained in the HTML part is determined. No external CSS resources are loaded, the entire CSS code is visible in the HTML code. This is followed by the HTML part in which the wheel and the buttons are defined. The final Javascript part combines the whole thing with interactive elements to a playable Roulette.

Why does the HTML code not work on my website?

In order for the roulette game to work properly, CSS and Javascript elements must be loaded. Some website providers (e.g. block all Javascript elements. Unfortunately the game does not work here because it depends on Javascript code.

Why is the roulette game displayed incorrectly on my website?

If the game works but is displayed incorrectly, the cause is usually the CSS code of your website. The CSS code of the roulette game is located in the HTML code between <style> and </style>. In case of display problems, there is usually a conflict between this code and the rest of the CSS code on your website.

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Roulette HTML Code

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The HTML code is based on this CSS roulette widget developed by PDER. The code is licensed under MIT license. This means that you can use the game on your website without restrictions. You can either copy the HTML code above or download the roulette source files and experiment with it on your local computer.

About Valid HTML Code

If you examine the above HTML code with a validation service such as the W3 Markup Validator, an error is reported. The <style> section must not be located in the <body> of the web page for valid HTML, but must be located in the <head>. However, web browsers do not complain about this, so the code can be used in this way. But if you want to use valid HTML there are two solutions. Either you move the <style> section to the <head> of the web page or you move the <style> section into an external CSS file.

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